Full-stack solution for non-billable department support and cost-center management.

Most enterprises have shrunk their budgets and seek department optimization by pushing employees to deliver more.

3N’s DaaS offerings free enterprises from managing multiple vendors and provides a partner that adds maximum value to your service portfolio as corporate budgets shrink and teams must do more with less. We work as an extension of your existing team or help you build one from scratch, providing all management functions. This allows your profit center to focus on revenue generation, leaving the cost management to us. We partner with clients to transform their workflows, processes, and strategies to unlock hidden potential.

Our end-to-end department outsourcing and optimization offerings adapt well to sales, marketing, bid management, pre-sales, analytics and research, and in-house legal departments.

supports every non-billable department.

virtual delivery model saves clients at least 30% on capital costs.

and efficient resourcing provide maximum value.

allows companies to reap investment benefits within three months.

create sustainable businesses functions and achieve optimization.