Why 3N

Unlike most companies that provide similar services, 3N differentiates itself in every aspect of service delivery.

The 2020 pandemic surprised everyone and has proven that costs need not be as high as traditionally thought, given the nonessential nature of certain solution components. We hope that your existing vendors have passed on their cost-savings (directly or indirectly) to you. The graphic below provides an approximate breakdown of the solution cost (percentage):

In 2020, most activities and transactions were fast-tracked. As a result, procurement and management quickly learned that the only feasible way to turn a profit in the face of declining global revenue was by reducing operating costs and avoiding attrition. 3N provides affordable client solutions with best-in-class quality and transparency, eliminating the traditional cost-bloat relating to historically necessary overhead. As part of our offerings, we also enable a comparison of current vendor’s offerings, realized value, and cost.

Technology-Agnostic Approach

Unlike most companies that offer similar services, we do not sell software, automation systems, or hardware. Instead, our professionals can evaluate your needs and recommend hardware or software upon your request to accelerate commercial negotiations.